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April 10, 2006

A good description by Grandma W

Beck is truly an outdoor boy... begs to go out at every opportunity. Wants to visit the horses...not tooo close, sucks rocks, throws dirt out of the planters onto the ground...digs in the garden areas... tramps on the new flowers coming up... has a blast!!! Had to help us today by crawling into the holes we were digging for the flagstones every chance he got...walk in sit down, we would lift him out and put him on the pile of dirt we had dug so he could dig there but no, immediately he would be back in the hole we were trying to level and prepare...crazy. Would have made a fun movie.

Karen had blocked off the yard to keep Jazz in and leaned the old gate up on the porch... well our little adventurer would crawl through the adorondack chairs blocking the opening and go up the stairs and come down the other steps into the holes we were working on....around and around... you can imagine... he walked many more miles than we did... he is one very active 15 month old... into everything and now trying to climb the stairs inside the house coming in from the side since mom has the gate at the bottom of the stairs... 6 times he was told "no" and moved away... at least!!!!

Ah yes, the fun never ends. . .

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May 9, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a fantastic Mother's Day weekend as AJ likes to call it. Breakfast at a darling little omelet restaurant in Fairhaven called Morgan's, then Mommy got to take a nap while Daddy played with Beck. And our evening ended with filet mignon topped with cilantro garlic butter, fresh bread and roasted summer squash. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy click here.



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April 22, 2005

Four month birthday!

Beck had the privilege of having his four month doctors visit on the same day as his four month birthday. He is now officially 16 lbs. 4 oz. and 26.5 inches long. A growing boy! You can see more pictures here.


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April 19, 2005

Spring Pictures

I've asked Mommy to take over the site updates because at night Daddy is busy hanging out with me and giving mom a break. Besides she changes my diaper more which has to come with some perks. The last two weeks have been filled with new discoveries. I'm easing my way into tummy time. I think I'm up to three minutes a couple times a day which is progess since 30 seconds was my time to beat. I'm able to roll over to my left side while on my back (mommy kept putting the rattle in my left hand and I'd automatically roll to the side - didn't happen when she put it in my right hand). I'm getting ready for the spring soccer sign ups - I prefer my bare feet and no diapers.

I've gone on a couple trips too. One was to help my parents friends Craig and Kristen move into their new house - Kristen's dad Cal worked hard by being my personal burper. My mommy also likes to visit Sammy's mommy a couple times a week. He has a great play room and I get to test out all of Sammy's toys since he is three months younger than I am. Here's a picture of Sammy at 3.5 weeks (he sleeps alot - I can't wait til he is awake long enough to play).

Mommy tried to play a guessing game with me - I humored her as she put my toys in a container, shook them and let me chew on the container until I was bored, and then she would give me the toy. I'm a HUGE fan of gloworm! I also like to grab my hands and try and put them both in my mouth at the same time. Check out all my pictures here.



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January 24, 2005

First Smile On Camera

Beck has been smiling or at least making us think that he was smiling for awhile, but his smile is elusive and hard to catch on camera (kind of like a snipe). Anyway, Grammie and Skip caught him on camera tonight after dinner (our dinner, not his), which you can see below.


And just because they're fun, check out these feet:


If you just can't get enough of Beck, you can get your latest fix here (and thanks for Mike for the new Beck Photos header image, you did know that you can customize your Picasa templates right?).

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December 31, 2004

First Doctor Appointment

On Monday morning we drove 1.9 miles (aren't small towns great?) to see Beck's pediatrician for the first time. He got his weight checked out (multiple times it turns out because the scale hadn't been properly calibrated which resulted in more screaming than necessary because Beck didn't appreciate laying on a scale in a cold room for any longer than humanly necessary). Anyway, it was our Karen's first trip out of the house since coming home from the hospital on Friday and there was alot of snow on the ground so everyone was bundled up. Check out the pictures here.


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