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June 18, 2007

Our Slugger

Beck is now a HUGE baseball fan. In fact, he could play for an hour if he had a catcher. He prefers for us to throw him the ball as opposed to using the tee (he has to keep up with the big leagues). The only difference is that he usually makes contact with the ball on his back swing and occasionally the second back swing depending on how high we throw it. Enjoy the pix:

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This is a picture of the 2nd haircut Beck has received in a *haircutting store* as he likes to call it. Before haircuts have been courtesy of Aunt BJ or Julie, we can start those back up anytime ;-)

He felt very accomplished sitting up on the big boy chair all by himself, and I just can't get over the neck lining and fish apron - such a *little man.* Here are a few photos:

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