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March 8, 2007

Pocket Pants!

Beck loves these pocket pants that Grammy J made him. You can't tell but he is actually wearing two pairs! He can't wear just one. Grammy picked such cool truck fabric he just can't decide. These are called pocket pants because they have really "long" pockets and can fit just about all of his toy cars and trucks. You should see him trying to reach the trucks at the very bottom, he doesn't quite understand that if he simply bends down he would have no problem. But would mommy show him and risk losing a few entertaining moments?

Quick *boo boo* story. Beck was wearing his sunglasses in the house today, by the way he has finally reached the age where he'll leave them on, in fact he now has to go everywhere with them. It is very dark in our bathroom as there are no windows so he accidentally ran into the molding on the door frame. Only a minor boo boo occurred but as always I picked him up and took him over to where the *boo boo buddy* lives (freezer), only this time instead of the boo boo buddy (ice pack), he thought he'd feel better after having some ice cream. "Mommy I need ice keam, I fee better with ice keam. A bowl?" Not giving in fully, the voice from my past came out of nowhere "he won't have room for dinner if he has ice cream now", which by the way it's scary how that voice just appears, I assured him he would feel better after only a few bites, which of course with every bite he said "I fee better. I fee better mama." If only ice cream could heal all boo boos...

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