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September 17, 2006

Pictures from Hawaii

Mom and Beck got to go to Hawaii a couple weeks ago with Grandma and Grandpa Waterbury (Dada had to stay home and work). Grandma Waterbury has been extremely busy keeping her blog up to date with pictures (unlike us) so I thought I'd steal some of the fun Beck pictures and put them up here for your enjoyment. If you can't get enough of Beck, make sure to visit Grandma Waterbury's site as well! (and thank her for the pictures)








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September 14, 2006

Hanging with Isabelle

This summer has brought many changes: new house, new city, new coast but one of my favorite 'new' things has been my cousin Isabelle coming over to play on Tuesday and Thursday. She and I have gone to the zoo a couple times to see the lions and tigers and bears and giraffes and elephants, we got to go to some of the local farms and pick blueberries (which I eat like candy) and blackberries and today we got to go to the Childrens Musuem. Since summer is winding down (it got a little cold today), I just thought I'd share a picture of Isabelle (or Belle as I like to call her) sharing grapes in my backyard.


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