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July 12, 2006

Portland, California???

Since our move West in May, the weather here in Oregon has been astonishing. During the usual rainy, gloomy month of June we were downright hot with a number of days in the 90s and even 100's. This California weather is going to come to a crashing hault in October/November and the real test of acclimating to the Pacific Northwest will begin. In the meantime we will soak up all the rays we can get. Did I mention we have not seen any mosquitos yet?

Beck is now saying *bu* for blue, *nauh* for no, and *maur* for more.

Some highlights from the past couple months are below. We have not taken many pictures and mom hopes to take a photography class *really soon* Check out the whole shebang. . .

The expert unpacker

Trying to beat the heat

Grammy is this a truck or a gwuck?

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