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April 19, 2006

April's Showers

Okay, so we really haven't had much in the way of April showers, despite our dire need. But we have been getting nice and dirty outside. Some highlights for April were that Grandma W came for a visit. She taught me how to keep my hand flat to feed horses, how to dust off my hands after I fall in the dirt, climb chairs and stairs *carefully*, at least that is what she kept telling me I was doing. Below are fun pictures of the last few weeks.

Messy Face!

How about letting me cut the side yard?

A new outfit from Grandma

The replacement truck as mommy ran over my other one (an eighth of the size of the new one).



Brandt Island hike and picnic



Look at all the Easter Eggs I colored (my mommy didn't wipe my nose before the picture - shame on mommy)

Can I ride to church on my Fire Engine?

Let the egg throwing begin!

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April 10, 2006

A good description by Grandma W

Beck is truly an outdoor boy... begs to go out at every opportunity. Wants to visit the horses...not tooo close, sucks rocks, throws dirt out of the planters onto the ground...digs in the garden areas... tramps on the new flowers coming up... has a blast!!! Had to help us today by crawling into the holes we were digging for the flagstones every chance he got...walk in sit down, we would lift him out and put him on the pile of dirt we had dug so he could dig there but no, immediately he would be back in the hole we were trying to level and prepare...crazy. Would have made a fun movie.

Karen had blocked off the yard to keep Jazz in and leaned the old gate up on the porch... well our little adventurer would crawl through the adorondack chairs blocking the opening and go up the stairs and come down the other steps into the holes we were working on....around and around... you can imagine... he walked many more miles than we did... he is one very active 15 month old... into everything and now trying to climb the stairs inside the house coming in from the side since mom has the gate at the bottom of the stairs... 6 times he was told "no" and moved away... at least!!!!

Ah yes, the fun never ends. . .

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