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October 31, 2005


Tonight I got to dress up like a mouse (which my dad says is 'cheesy' but whatever) in a costume my Grandma J made for me and it was really weird because all these other kids dressed up too! My friend Sammy dressed up like a lobster (he told me his outfit was kinda steamy) and we took a walk through the village in Mattapoisett because there was this parade and then we went to the school where they had this big contest for all the best costumes and stuff. My pal Mike took a bunch of pictures of me and my mom and Sammy and his mom Jamie and Shena and ... oh ... Dad says I'm rambling. I guess that's all for now. You can see all the pictures here.




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October 28, 2005

Fabulous Fall!

What New England Fall would be complete without the annual pilgrimage to the apple orchard? I must say though, the apples were really small this year (just my size). I think my mom had to use 12 to make one apple pie. Here I am chompin' away - yummy!


I'm getting really excited about Halloween also. My Grammy from Mammoth Lakes made me a "wireless mouse for the laptop" costume. It's a little big but I'm sure to win the prize for most original costume at our local parade and festival.


To view the rest of the pictures, including me playing in my room wearing a sweater that grammy J made, a cranberry bog that's near my house, and my new favorite place to hide (under the table) click here.

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October 18, 2005

October Days . . .

These days we've been trying to stay dry, which means lots of indoor playtime. I've been testing out my walkin' legs with my *girlfriend* Holyn's walker she loaned me. It works great on carpet (slower than on wood floors and of course, makes for softer landings). You'll notice I'm sporting my Patriots jersey from the Orr's. It finally fits (sorta) - Go Pats!


My mom got this superyard and I don't mind being in it for a little while, but after a while I'm ready to explore the rest of the house. So I try to break out. Usually I'm caught though, like below. Click here for a pic of when I crawled over (baby sprinting) to see my daddy when he came home from work.


Here I'm showing off a sweater Martha Neu (friend from Boston) made for me.


To see all the pictures click here.

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October 10, 2005

October 1st

Here are some fun shots. To see all the pictures click here.

First is Beck with *bedhead* Now that his hair is getting longer and curlier it likes to go all over.


This is Beck playing in Holyn's sandbox. You might recall the pictures of him playing in it without sand at Holyn's first birthday. He looks like such a big boy!


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October 3, 2005

My Wishlist

Hi Grandmas! I've made my "All I want for Christmas" list, and I have been a very good boy this year.

I made some of the items links so that you could see what I'm referring to. You don't have to buy it from that store if you find it elsewhere.

Here's my list:

The Best Kids' Music CD

Snow suit


Pajamas (12-18 months)

Long sleeve and pant outfits (12-18 months)

Short outfits (18-24months)

Hooded bath towels

Toddler Coddler

Any kind of board books

Thanks for asking!

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