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August 30, 2005

Grandma and Grandpa W Visit

Grandma W came to play with Beck for almost two weeks and Grandpa W came out for the first time since Beck's arrival for a long weekend. We had lots of yard work waiting for him - Thank you! The weather was the best we had all summer. We visited the zoo, went out to eat, gardened, and even sewed - thanks for the picnic quilt Grandma!

Here are a couple pics - we didn't take too many, we were busy having fun...



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August 29, 2005

Outdoor Adventures

Okay so we really haven't had any outdoor adventures yet, but we are planning some with our new Burley trailer for Beck. It doubles as a jogger as well.



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August 21, 2005

August Pictures

hi friends & family! Sorry for the lack of updates, the hot August weather has slowed *some* of us down a little. Unfortunately, the fast ones are low to the ground and hard to pick up, especially now that he's crawling, sitting up, standing up (by pulling himself up) AND going to his first baseball game (Pawsox, the Red Sox AAA team near Providence, RI). You can see all seventy one of the pictures we've stored up over the last couple weeks here. Below are a couple highlights:





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