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February 23, 2005

2 Months!

Some of you (you'll remain nameless for now) can't seem to get enough pictures of Beck. I can't wait till the kid can type and use a mouse so that he can post his own pictures. This last week (click on it! there's pictures in that there link!) included a visit to AWC where Karen used to work to see friends including Kristen, John and Catherine. Saturday our friend Lissa came down from Boston to spend a couple hours with us (at least she said she came to see us, I think it was just to see Beck). Unfortunately, she's a secret agent so we can't show her face (actually the photographer [cough... Karen] didn't get Lissa in the picture... oh well, next time k Lissa?).

Since the last time we talked, Beck got his shots and got weighed. He came in at 13 pounds 6 ounces and has grown an inch and a half since he was born. I'm learning scheme in my classes at school right now, so at the rate he's growing right now (1.5 inches in 2 months) he'll be:

> (/ (* (/ 1.5 2) 12 20) 12))

which if you don't have a scheme runtime installed works out to be about 15 feet tall by the time he's 20. I'm not sure I want to work out the weight because I remember how much I ate when I was 14.

If you're still reading this, you need to go look at the pictures now.


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